5 Reasons Why you Should Replace your Windows

The windows and doors in a typical home make up more than 50% of the total exterior surface, and are therefore important in many ways. The heat transfer that occurs through a pane of glass is considerable, with the exterior heat being transferred into the home via the glass in the summer, while the opposite effect will take the heat out of the home in the cold months. This heat loss can easily be redressed by installing double glazing, which almost eliminates heat loss through the windows. If you are in any doubt as to the benefits of window replacement, here are a few of the reasons why it makes sense.

  1. Added Security – Double glazed windows are notoriously difficult to gain a forced entry and burglars are well aware of this. If they come across a house with UPVC double glazed windows and doors, they will simply look for an easier target, and there are plenty of unprotected homes. If you are looking for window replacement in Perth, an online search would reveal the whereabouts of a reliable contractor who can quote for the job.
  1. Save Energy – With almost zero heat loss through the windows, your heating bills will be much lower, and in the summer, the a/c will not have to work so hard, keeping the interior at the desired temperature. Some households report savings of as much as 40%, and while it may vary from house to house, you will notice a difference when the bills come in.
  1. Noise Reduction – Those annoying sounds that are always in the background will magically disappear when you have double glazing installed. The neighbour who likes to mow his front lawn at 6am will no longer bother you, and you probably won’t hear the dog howling in the distance anymore. The level of sound insulation is such that it is very noticeable and provides a more serene ambience.
  1. No Maintenance – UPVC windows and doors do not require any maintenance, and aside from the odd wipe with a damp cloth, they will not fade, crack or peel, even in the extreme Western Australian summer.
  1. An Investment – Double glazed windows and doors will add considerable value to the property, and if the units are good quality and well fitted, they will last for many years. If you consider that the windows and doors make up a large percentage of the exterior surface area of the building, surely it makes sense to have the very best quality. The price should not be the defining factor when choosing a window supplier, rather you should be looking at the quality of the product and the reputation of the contractor.

UPVC is the ideal material for double glazing, and with hermetically sealed units, you can say goodbye to condensation forever, and with the added benefits, your home will be a nicer place.