Interior Decorating Ideas for the Child who Loves Wrestling

Many children around the world are fascinated with professional wrestling. If you have one in your family he probably never stops talking about. Have you ever considered giving him a wrestling themed bedroom? Be the cool parent and give your child the room they always wanted. These quick tips can help you get on your way to decorating your child’s bedroom in a way that will ensure he brags about it to all of his friends at school.

Make sure to get official merch

The internet is rife with fake merchandise and knockoffs so make sure that you get real quality merchandise by going either directly to the retailer or a licensed distributor. Amazon can be a great place to start and so can Buying authentic merchandise ensures quality. It also directly funds the entertainment that your kids value so highly.


Fatheads are giant wall sized stickers. They are often of sports figures and movie stars. Fathead produces an entire line of wwe wall stickers of your child’s favorite wrestlers. These can be a great way to cover wall space without painting. Try and figure out what your child’s favorite wrestler is and then secretly slap a fathead of him up on his wall. They are a cheap and fun way to get the decorating process started.

A wrestling ring bed

Just like a car bed a wrestling ring bed is a great way to create a fun and functional center piece in your childs room. Now the kids can throw each other around and rough house without breaking anything or hurting each other. Amazon and google are great places to start shopping for a wrestling ring bed.


Most toy store carry pillows of wrestlers. Get a few of these and slap them on the bed. Your kids will have tons of fun taking their favorite wrestlers to sleep. These pillows can also ramp up pillow fights to the next level. Show your support for pro wrestling with a wrestling themed pillow fight. Head on over to toys r us or amazon to find the wrestling pillow that is right for you.