The Very Best Exotic Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring are are extremely popular with home owners but nowadays more and more people are beginning to look for individuals hardwood floors options which are a bit more unusual – something which can give their house a really unique look.

This is a brief take a look at a few of the some exotic hardwood floors which are becoming warmer every single day.


or Brazilian Cherry because it is frequently known – is really a beautiful red-colored/brown exotic that’s among the toughest hardwood floors available anywhere.

Its interlocking grain comes with an underlying golden luster that immediately imparts a feeling of warmth to your rooms, especially to 1 that’s just a little bigger and it was possibly formerly rather uninviting.

Lapacho/Brazilian Walnut

This superbly durable hardwood has a massive selection of colors and tones, from a gentle olive brown to some deep dark hue that’s almost black under certain lighting. The marginally yellower sapwood may also be utilized once the flooring planks are now being produced to create some fantastic designs and textures.


This can be a types of exotic hardwood which brings a little unique beauty to your rooms it’s set up in.

Its number of color versions – its sapwood is commonly made from of delicate light browns as the heartwood is really a dark, luscious crimson red-colored – implies that a cabreuva hardwood floor is definitely an instant speaking reason for any home.

Tiger Wood

For those who prefer their hardwood flooring to err a bit more around the light side, tiger wood might be the right choice. The center wood from the tiger wood tree is really a delicate red golden brown and also the sapwood a brown grey that may almost appear whitened. Whenever a tiger wood hardwood floor is installed any room instantly gains a better, lighter feeling, ideal for a more compact room.

These are merely a couple of from the hardwood species that are offered for that homeowner to select from today, you will find a lot more, all of them using their own remarkable look. What every one has in keeping is the fact that when you’re selecting a brand new hardwood floor they all are worth looking at.

Another factor you should think about carefully is who you decide to install your brand-new hardwood flooring. The tiniest of mistakes could affect the general appearance of the entire floor so take time to look for a flooring contractor with a decent status.