Three Styles to Change Up that Bedroom

Redecorating a room or two in the home can be uplifting. If you can’t afford an expensive upgrade in the kitchen or bathroom, the next room to consider might be the bedroom. A simple thing like a change in the color of the paint on the walls, along with matching bedroom curtains, can make a huge change to a room. But if you really want to make a change, then upgrading your bedroom furniture is just the ticket. Whether you go for a funky style of mismatched and repainted mid-century thrift store finds or the cool tropical look of rattan furniture, having a theme is an important first step. To get you started, here are three styles that can make all the difference.

Start with Quiet

For many of us the bedroom is our retreat from the crazy frantic pace of the world around us. This goes far beyond simply being a place that has a bed, to becoming a cozy den that removes us from the demands of the outside world. With more and more recommendations from experts to remove all electronic devices from the bedroom, many are moving away from having computers and televisions in the bedroom and making this a room to escape from the big blue screen.

Why not take a cue from previous centuries and invest in a well-made vintage bed from the twenties or thirties with a high headboard to support you when you read in bed? If you are thinking that the furniture of our grandparents is too dark, you can fix that with a quick refinish to lighten the wood or even paint it up. Picture a room with cool blue shades, walls painted in soft pastel blues and greens and a vintage tall bed, repainted to match. This is a perfect room to retreat, read and just relax before heading off to sleep each night.

Classic White

While some find it cold, decorating a room that has only clean white is another way to create a room that is still and removed from the chaos of life. One way to create that clean white look is to incorporate pieces of furniture that have a Scandinavian design element to them. This simple minimalist approach to design means that you have less clutter before you, making the bedroom a simple room to relax the eyes. The core values of this type of design is to create something that was once only available to the very rich and make it affordable for all. This is a bedroom that invites meditation and quiet, that inhabits the very idea of a simple quiet life. Who wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep in this kind of bedroom?

Found Treasures

For some of us, the hunt for eclectic furniture is just as much fun as living with it. If you love to head out to thrift stores, hunt for great yard sales and haunt the estate sales in your area, this is a look you will love. Often the most interesting and unusual beds are those that also are very comfortable. There have been hanging beds, captain’s beds and every kind of old Victorian step-up bed imaginable in our home. The thing these all have in common is they are one of a kind and very very comfortable.

You might have a bed from one era, dresser from another and a side table filled with books that looks more like a shipping crate then a table. The one thing that could unite them all is a coat of paint, to match the one brighter wall in the bedroom. This is the room for someone who loves color, loves eccentric looks and triumphs in the fact that their hard work made it all happen. For anyone with a creative bend, this is the bedroom style that is constantly evolving and remains a fun project.