The moving of all of your household goods and personal items from one home to another is a large task that involves a number of moving responsibilities, waiting to be completed. Naturally, the job of moving homes is filled with all sorts of activities, and while some of them can be more testing than others, packing is the most renowned time consumer out there.


When you think about all the time and effort that packing up an entire house takes, it’s not surprising that mistakes will occur. Looking for removalists in Perth? Get the best, forget the rest. To help you move with as much smoothness as possible, here are the 7 common packing mistakes that people make when moving house.

1 – Select a Starting Point

One of the most difficult parts about packing is working out where to start. Whether you decide to pack smaller items first, or work on a room by room basis, choosing a starting point helps figure out how long it will take you to get the job done.

2 – Determine the Right Boxes

You may require different kinds of boxes depending on what items you want to move. Also, get a few more than you think you will need and try to pack things that you won’t be using as you get closer to the moving date.

3 – Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Some people can just pack up and move out in no time at all. But most of us need at least 1 or 2 months to fully pack up our home and be ready. Don’t leave things until the last moment.

4 – Have the Right Tools Handy

Packing will go much faster with the right tools. Running short of boxes, or tape, or bubble wrap is a nightmare, especially if it happens close to moving day. Get the tools you need and then get a little extra before you start.

5 – Label Your Boxes

Make a list of what has gone into what box and then label them clearly. This will make a ton of difference when you open them at the new home. For experienced, professional, and trustworthy removalists, do yourself a favour and check out you’ll have no regrets. Boxes without any labelling is like Russian roulette!

6 – Use Larger Boxes for Fragile Items

Another common mistake that removalists often make is packing things such as picture frames and mirrors into boxes that are the perfect fit. Instead, give these fragile items some breathing room with packing to diminish the risk of damage.

7 – Pack an Essentials Box

Most people have moved before and packed important day to day items away, not thinking that they will need them soon after arrival. So, don’t forget to put aside an easily accessible box of items that you are soon going to need.

From A – B

And voila! That should help things glide a little more smoothly, without the usual mishaps that us mortals tend to make! Have a great move!