So, you have tried going DIY on the pest extermination and all your efforts are going in vain. We think it is a high time you should hire a pest control company before these pests exacerbate your situations. According to the experts of traitement de punaise de lit par Cimex, these are the questions you should ask your potential pest control company before you hire them.

  1. Do you offer an IPM program?

IPM entails inspection, monitoring, guidance on activities and policies to avoid the bed bugs becoming a snafus, suggestions for preventing the infestation, treatments beyond chemical treatments like heat treatment etc. and use of less toxic chemicals for bed bug extermination.

  1. Do you offer building assessment?

This assessment will assist in determining where and when you need to get the bed bugs in order to prevent another future infestation.

  1. Do you provide a pre-treatment checklist?

It is important to take a few measures before opting for a treatment in order for it to be effective like elimination of clutter, cleaning, washing linens and other items. If they don’t offer pre-treatment preparation instructions, then you need to look at some other prospective leads you have for pest control.

  1. Do you perform a pre-treatment inspection?

In order for the bed bug extermination treatment, the professional must be well-acquainted to the spot where the pests might be located. A first hand inspection by a trained professional will determine and help the professional to determine the areas that need to be addressed.

  1. Do you provide steam cleaning or other types of heat treatments?

Heat application is probably the best way to exterminate the bed bugs. Steam cleaning is another nature friendly way to exterminate bugs and their eggs too. Steaming appropriately renders the pesticide sprays useless.

  1. Do you suggest mattress covers?

Keeping the mattresses safe in a zippered cover post the treatment can assist in preventing future infestation. A pest control company that specializes in IPM should be suggested using a mattress cover.

  1. Do you only use pesticides suggested for bed bugs?

Pesticides are meant to exterminate specific pest and by specific means. For instance, many pesticides are illegal to be used on mattresses. Feel free to ask for names and labels of pesticides that would be used in your premises so as to stay on a safer side.