A  Guide on Quick growing hedges under Sun and Shade

The fast growing hedging plants can create dense greenery hiding all the unwanted views, acting as barriers, creating privacy screens and also protecting tender and smaller plants from harsh winds. It is important to choose plants that perfectly match your growing conditions including tolerance against shade and also sun.

Coniferous Trees

A few of these trees can tolerate both the shade and also the sun exposure along with responding quite well to shearing into a hedge. These hedging plants can also tolerate extreme wet areas.

growing hedges

Evergreen Trees

Some of the evergreen trees grow a much faster rate in order to grow into a full size hedge and also creating a dense barrier when grown under full to partial sun condition.

Deciduous Shrubs

These shrubs grow with dense branches and results in a quick growing hedge, which resembles a lot to the thickets in winter. They tend to produce coral-orange new leaf, which turn into green over the time as they age and eventually turn into ruby red around autumn.

Evergreen Shrubs

These are the shrubs that hold onto their leaves through the winter season by creating a dense hedge.  They can grow to 6 to 10 feet tall under full sun to the partial shade exposure. They are wide in appearance and have leaves with yellow spots all over them.

Evergreen Shrubs

Author Bio-Sammy Jane is a blogger and also an agriculture expert who loves to write about various tips and advices on plantation.