While you are handling pressure treated woods following are the precautionary measures that you must be aware of for your safety –

  • The sawdust from weight treated wood can aggravate your nose, eyes, and skin

Utilization of any eye protection and dust mask is very much suggested. Avoid contact with your skin to a great extent.

  • Try to gather as much sawdust possible to dispose of

Cutting activities of any pressure treated lumber must be performed at any particular location and try to lay a disposable plastic sheet underneath to collect the saw dusts. In a location like lawn etc. where it is not possible to sweep easily, it will be better to use any trap while cutting in such area. Even when you are cutting any ordinary boards, that can generate plenty of saw dust, you can save your time of cleaning up too.

  • Never try to burn the pressure treated woods in absence of any professional

Other than this pressure treated woods, you should also avoid burning any particleboard, plywood, chipboard and finished or painted boards. Though government authorities have studied the smoke generated while burning them. It may not be too toxic as compared to burning any normal wooden material however the ash that is generated after the burning is certainly very toxic. That is because the arsenic used in the pressure treated wood does not burn easily. Therefore, these ashes should be disposed of carefully and should not be allowed to mix with the soil. You must be aware how much ash gets generated when wood is burnt.

  • For the purpose of food preparation never use this pressure treated woods

You can certainly make tables out of this pressure treated wood and you can eat your food by keeping them on the tabletop. However, avoid preparing food on top of them. In case you needed to prepare food on the table then use proper coating of oil-based preservative, which is not necessarily any paint or opaque stain.

  • Pressure treated woods must be used for outdoor purposes only

As we know maximum usage of these pressure treated woods are for decking purposes, however only exception that you can make by using them in place of Douglas fir for any sill plates for any new construction work. Since there is a possibility of dampness in the sill plates which can be very attractive to termites and carpenter ants. Since pressure treated woods are resistant to all these and hence they will be suitable for this application.