Having witnessed the huge variety of best water heater brand available in the market out there, you must have surely noticed the two main categories of heaters i.e. tankless instant water heaters and the conventional water storage heaters. Both these types of heaters have their own characteristic features and may be contrasted well to find out which one suits best to our needs.

There are some main points on which these two may well be compared. The comparisons are as follows:

  1. Operation- The tank-less water heater does not have any storage tanks and water is heated as and when needed. As the switch is turned on, water supply to the heater is turned on and the electric water heating element or the gas burner starts it functioning to heat the water which is immediately removed after heating and ejected. Thus, an instant supply is ensured.

The conventional tanked water heater on the other hand is meant to store water in a tank and pre heat the water using electric heating elements or gas burner installed in the tank. This hot water is released when the tap is turned on and is replaced by cold water which takes its place.

Hybrid water heaters employ ingenious processes which involve passing water through many small pipes in order to expose a large surface area to external environment to ensure faster heating. This water is then stored in a tank.

  1. Setting up cost- This is one of the most important points of comparison.

The tankless instant water heaters cost almost double the tanked water heaters and thus, people still prefer the traditional tanked water heaters.

The tanked water heaters are much cheaper and involve easily replaceable parts quite in contrast to the tank-less heaters.

Hybrid water heaters are not expensive to purchase but their complex structure mean that a lot of plumbing is needed for their installation which increases its installation cost eventually.

  1. Lifespan- Tank-less water heaters have a lifespan of about 20 years which is quite a lot. Traditional tanked water heaters on the other hand have an average lifespan of about 10-15 years. This means that the higher initial installation cost of instant water heaters is balanced out by the end of its life cycle. Hybrid water heaters have a long lifespan and very low maintenance costs.
  2. Energy Consumption- Tank-less instant water heaters ensure 25-30% more energy savings as compared to traditional water heaters. This ensures that by the end of the year, one’s pocket will not have been much lightened by the energy bills using this heater. The traditional heaters on the other hand consume a lot of energy and are responsible for high energy bills during winters. Hybrid water heaters’ energy consumption depends upon the technology used. Still, they consume much lesser energy as compared to either of tank-less or tanked water heaters.
  3. Availability of hot water- Tank-less instant water heaters assure almost an incessant supply of hot water. Traditional tanked water heaters on the other hand are limited by their tank capacity and cannot endlessly provide hot water continuously. Hybrid water heaters also do not assure incessant hot water supply but they have usually a larger water holding capacity than the traditional heaters.

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