In Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting process tiny holes are drilled strategically within the affected area. Calibrated injection equipment is carefully installed on the hole and two part of polyurethane foam mixture is injected mechanically via this port. Below the concrete chemical reaction occurs and creates expanding foam.

Expanding foam fills the voids and steadies the non-compacted and loose soil, thus creates a lift. Sufficient material is injected within the troubled spot until desired raising is obtained and concrete gets returned to its normal level. Holes then get patched with high-density cement grout, which matches existing concrete. There will hardly be any signs of patches.

Benefits of polyurethane concrete raising process

  • Few small holes are required to finish the repair
  • Hole patch-up is not visible
  • Cure time is not more than 15 minutes [ready for service]
  • Strong, dense, and lightweight material
  • Foam finds its path and efficiently fills void gaps beneath the concrete slab
  • Chemicals or moisture in the soil does not weaken polyurethane foam material
  • Foam has the capability to maintain its strength and structure thus decreasing the probability of new gaps
  • Weak soil zones and voids are found during expansion and thus a dense and strong base is created
  • Polyurethane material is eco-friendly and inert, so does not leak

How to choose Repair Company?

Few factors are vital. The company needs to be properly insured and licensed. System used need to be specially designed for concrete lifting and stabilization. Perform a good background research.

FAQs to ask the potential Repair Company

How long will the process last?

Polyurethane cures just like solid structure without any potential for failure or fracture. Polyurethane foam is totally an inert solid substance, which is impermeable to chemicals, water, rodents, insects, or erosion. It means polyurethane will indefinitely last.

Will landscaping be disturbed?

The trucks get parked away from your property. The hose used is flexible and lightweight, which can be pulled towards affected areas through hardscape. Any kind of landscape will never be accessed or bothered.

Is it a noisy process?

Equipment is mounted on trucks and noise produces id contained. Injection gun employed to inject foam under concrete releases no or little noise.

How much will the process cost?

Cost depends on the material amount injected to attain desired levelling. In general, polyurethane concrete raising cost is significantly less than replacement.

Is over lifting possible?

With polyurethane material over lifting is less likely to occur. Process is methodical and controlled. It is monitored carefully and injections are administered within intervals of 25 to 30 seconds, so as the foam gets time for maximum expansion.