How to Recognize the Presence of Carpenter Ants?

In case, the premises have been infested with carpenter ants then it can slowly damage the property. Usually, such ants build their nests in the wood and end up damaging and degrading the integrity of the structure of the building. Very soon they build their colony in the surrounding areas and not only they damage the structure of the building but also cause lots of cosmetic damages.

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Where you can find them?

Mostly during spring season, you will notice these carpenter ants because during this time they are most active. However, you can always find certain signs that will indicate their presence in your house. Quite often they are found to be shedding their wings near baseboards or window sills. Sometimes, you can also observe that certain flying carpenter ants suddenly emerge from doors or vents. They can also be found near the windows. There are few other places where you can find their traces

  • Wood shavings

If you notice wood shaving or saw dust around the backyard then it is a sure sign that the carpenter ants are building their nests near any wooden elements lying in your house. You can be sure about their presence in case you notice any of these signs around your house. In such cases, you must call any professional pest control people to take certain action.

  • Wall rustling

When carpenter ants are engaged in building their nests or moving around then you can hear certain special audible sounds. Mostly, if you can hear rustling sound on the walls then it can be a sure sign of their presence.

  • Hollow hood

You must have seen any wood that is infested by termites. If you knock on any wooden stud then it will give an indication that it is hollow from the inside. Same thing happens if carpenter ants also form their nests within the wooden stud. You can also hear their rustling sound too.

  • Wet wood

Wet woods are a favorite place for carpenter ants. Therefore, if wet wood is present near your bathroom or kitchen then you can find their presence. Also, if any area is becoming damp then keep a watch and you will find the presence of carpenter ants.

However, carpenter ants do not eat away the woods like termites but they can also pose problem to your property. Therefore, keep a watch for them and act if it is found in your area.