How to Train your Pet for Arrival of your Child

In case, you were an expecting dog owner, the foremost thing that you should do would be to recognize the changes that are required to be made in your dog’s life once the baby arrives and implement them right away. You do not want your dog to associate any changes that are required to be made in your relationship with the arrival of your child. Not only that, once your baby arrives you would have precious little time or energy for dealing with any delinquent behaviour on the part of your dog. All your attention would be on your baby, where it should usually be. However, failing to implement pertinent changes in the life of your dog before the arrival of the baby would be the single most common mistake that expecting dog owners make. Nonetheless, keep in mind several things, which you do not consider problematic right now might become problematic with a child in the middle.

child in the middle

Take a careful look

You have to be careful if the dog has been sleeping in bed with you, demanding and pushy, prone to stealing things, barky and get into mischief when you are not looking. If that is the scenario, you should deal with it now. Does the dog get tense when you try to take things away from him, get near its food or touch him in certain ways? Does it pull on the leash; jump up on you to say hello or crash out the door? You might tolerate such behaviours now, but they would seriously compromise the quality of your life with a baby in tow. Such issues have been relatively easy to deal with. Problems that are more serious would be inclusive of over-protectiveness, separation anxiety and sensitivity to unpredictable and sudden movements.

Take a careful look

The aforementioned problems and others would be addressed in a successful manner. Any resolution for behaviour problem should be addressed by building the right relationship with the dog. Start by making the baby’s room off limits to your dog. The dog should be allowed to enter only when you grant permission. You should also teach the dog the difference between dog toys and child’s toys.

aforementioned problem

Insurance for dogs

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