Mosquito Squad Can Solve Your Mosquito Problem

If you have mosquitoes in your yard, it’s important to get rid of them as fast as possible. Not only can they be incredibly annoying, but they can even spread disease.

One of the best mosquito eradication companies to hire is Mosquito Squad, and they are available to residents of Birmingham. Here’s why you should hire Mosquito Squad of Birmingham:

Their Services Are Affordable

In fact, Mosquito Squad is one of the most affordable services to hire in the area.

They’ll Get Rid Of Ticks Too!

Ticks are known to spread diseases that can be extremely serious, such as Lyme Disease. Here are some other examples of tick-borne illnesses:

  • Tularemia: One of the ways that tularemia can be transmitted is through a tick bite.
  • b: This disease is not talked about much, but it’s commonly spread by ticks and can cause severe symptoms.
  • Lone Star Tick Bites: Lone star ticks can cause a disease that can lead to the development of serious allergies to meat.

The Zika Virus Is A Serious Threat, And You’ll Be Less Susceptible If The Mosquitoes Are Out Of Your Yard

If you have mosquitoes in your yard, you are at an increased risk of contracting the Zika virus, and this illness can cause serious complications during pregnancy. In fact, it is known to cause birth defects that lead to serious impairment throughout an infant’s life.

In fact, the Zika virus is known to lead to a disease called microcephaly, and this essentially means that the brain is too small to support normal intelligence. Furthermore, the disease can spread from one person to another as a sexually transmitted illness. It also does not cause symptoms in most adults, and this makes it almost impossible to detect.

They Will Alter Your Yard To Ensure That Mosquitoes Don’t Return

They’ll ensure that there are no standing pools of water in your yard, and this will help to ensure that the mosquitoes do not have a breeding ground. They also will place mosquito repellents in your yard.

Mosquito Squad Has Gotten Great Reviews

Not only is the company extremely well-known, but many customers have had great things to say about them.

How You Can Get In Touch With Them

You can give them a call at 877-667-7823, and they offer excellent customer service. Furthermore, you can get a free quote and learn more about the company on their website.