Most Widely Used Exterior Home Paint Colors – And Why

Exterior house painting is a perfect method to brighten up a home, boost the home’s value, and give a change. There’s much more search for different exterior home painting colors than there was once – going past the fundamental white-colored having a dark trim – which is advantageous to some neighborhood, or it’s really a disaster. Here is a list of the largest colors, and why they are typically the most popular.

Whites, creams and beige tones.

White-colored remains typically the most popular exterior house painting choice – for many reasons. White-colored looks clean, and complements any trim – including fundamental black, or perhaps pastels. It is also a secure option for a home, because it is in the past a suitable color for many neighborhoods because it does not have the possibility to clash along with other neighboring homes.

However, creams and beige tones happen to be gaining recognition, for similar reasons. The clean look remains using these colors, plus they still have the ability to match just about any trim, but they’re a a little bit different, and therefore a house owner can infuse a feeling of individualism and “being bold” in the other homes, without overwhelming them to begin being gaudy.


Light yellows and pastel yellows provide a more bold appearance to some house, and make the perfect match for houses which are in places that periodic changes are dramatic. Nothing looks better than the usual yard of yellow, orange, and red walnut leaves from the backdrop of the yellow-toned home exterior.

Light grays, blues, and vegetables.

The more dark these tones, the greater dramatic an announcement they create. The lighter tones are perfect for individuals neighborhoods that do not encourage personalization (for example housing developments with residential limitations), but permit some versatility for private tastes.


Light or deep, brown is growing in recognition, simply because it is a superb match for all kinds of landscaping – from desert scape lawns to lush, verdant eco-friendly lawns, a brown toned house will match the region superbly.

Remember the trim. Light trims might help reflect light and sunrrrs heat, while more dark trims creates a house look classical, and can absorb light and sunrrrs heat. Trim could be essential as a bold statement in comparison with all of those other house, or it may be combined with the general face of the home to provide a far more subtle look.

Some Words of Caution

Opt for the general appearance of the area. Matching up 100% using the neighbors homes is not necessary, but choosing a general match can help keep your neighborhood property values up, and can keep that certain house from protruding just like a sore thumb, earning bitterness in the surrounding residents.

Match the landscaping from the grounds, to individuals products that can’t be colored. Choose hints of color within the surrounding rocks, trees, along with other constant surfaces to help make the house area of the landscape.