Myths and realities of a 5 star rated ceiling fan

While setting your home you may be looking for a large number and variety of ceiling fans. It becomes quite confusing to take the decision which fan to buy and which to leave. Many times you might get attracted by the looks of the fan but in the long-term, these fans may not be that useful. Later you regret your decision. It is always advised by the experts to buy the fans after seeing the BEE star label on it. This will give you a guarantee of the performance of the fan and you’ll be satisfied with the working.

Have you seen the BEE star label on an electric appliance? Do you know what does it mean?

BEE which stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency derives its origin from the Energy Conservation Act 2001. It was set up on 1 March 2002 by the Government of India.

What does the star label indicate?

All of us are dealing with the negative effects of the global warming and climate change. The governments all over the world have been striving to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide so as to save the planet Earth. Both the developed and the developing nations have been pushing for the use of renewable sources of energy such as the wind and the sun. But the use of these resources is limited and cannot cater to the energy requirements of such a huge population. Keeping this in mind the Government of India has embarked upon a mission to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by saving energy. This is the best way to achieve energy efficiency and save our environment.

On the scale of the stars, 1 star indicates the minimum efficiency of the appliance and 5-star rating indicates maximum efficiency.

Myths and realities of a 5 star rated ceiling fan

  1. It is generally observed in most of the houses that the people forget to switch off the fans and they think that fans do not consume much energy. The general belief goes that most of the energy consumption happens in the lights. But it is wrong. Ceiling fans could consume more electricity than that consumed by a tube light. You’ll be shocked to know that fans can contribute around 30-405 of your electricity bills every month.
  2. It is believed that the BEE 5-star rated ceiling fans deliver less air than the normal fans. Many people also say that the BEE 5 star rated fans do not give the same comfort as that of the normal fans. Even the data collected through various studies show that the air delivery by a normal fan is around 250 CMM which is higher than that of the air produced by a 5-star rated fan which produces air around 210-220 CMM. Practical studies and the use of the 5-star rated fans show that this is just a myth and there is no practical difference in the delivery of the air by the two fans. Also, the BEE rated fans have an added advantage. They are rated at around 50 or 30 watts which is lower than that of the regular fans. So they save around 30-40% energy.

Now that you are aware of the fact that BEE ratings can help you choose the best fan according to the energy efficiency, the next time you go to buy a fan look out for this label on it. If you buy a fan having high star rating then you are contributing a great deal towards the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions. All the fans available online on,, etc. come from the brands labelled by the BEE. Click here to buy 5 star rating energy efficient fan.