Rectifying Flood Damage Easily and Effectively

Recently, hurricanes have flooded many areas, submerging towns and cities in murky flood waters, and creating a great deal of damage to properties and establishments.

But it’s not always a hurricane that causes flooding; a basement pipe can burst and cause extensive damage to your home. When it comes to any type of water damage Scottsdale residents are advised to follow these steps:

1.Call for Professional Help

Do some quick research on candidates’ backgrounds, reviews, reputations, bonds and insurance statuses, offers and find verifiable references to avoid working with the wrong people. Ensure that these firms are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Water Restoration by going to their website

2.Turn off electricity

To avoid getting electrocuted, you must switch off the electricity right away. If the water depth is somewhere near the outlets, it is not a good choice to step down stairs and head to the basement. The power outage is temporary and the power company could bring the electricity back at any unidentified time without the need to announce it.

It is best to turn off the basement breaker, or fully disconnect the home power from the grid.

3.Dehumidify the Surrounding

After removing the standing water, the added humidity can be a breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungi, and other bacteria to proliferate. Purchasing or renting a dehumidifier to rid off the excess moisture is most prescribed.

4.Ditch all Flood-soaked, damaged household goods

Since the basement has been filled with dirty flood water which carries a lot of organisms in it that can cause health hazards, all of the damaged goods should be disposed.

Some of the objects can be saved through drying them up, washing them thoroughly with lukewarm water or toss them to a dryer (if made of cloth).

5.Check for Water Invaded Spots and Oversee Structural Water Damage

Emptying the basement of all flood-soaked materials, it is best to examine every corner of the place to check if there has been any structural damaged that occurred. Take a close look at wet structural supports, drywall, insulation pads and foams, framing wood, holes, vents, pipes, and others.

Once the materials are exposed to floodwater and moist, it allows the growth of mold spores. Assess the damage and opt to make arrangements with a team to have the things reconstructed or renovated.

6.Call An Insurance Company

In order to fully rectify the water damage Scottsdale residents are advised to call their insurance company. A portion of flood damages may be covered depending on the firm with which you work. It would be most advisable to review the policy or call the insurance customer service team to clarify.

Dangher Jacob is a young journalist from Minnesota who writes about a wide variety of interesting topics in his spare time, from household hacks to interesting medical research.