The twenty-first century is an era of increasing communication, and a reliable internet connection is no longer simply a luxury, but a necessity. This gateway brings the rest of the world into our homes, and gives us the opportunity to manage our lives more efficiently. Paying bills online, scheduling appointments, browsing online retailers, and downloading movies, games, and music to our devices brings us some needed stability in an ever changing world. Unfortunately, many rural areas are still too remote for DSL service. Rugged terrain, climate, and long stretches in-between cities and towns all play a factor in limiting consumer access to cable and fiber-optic internet choices. Satellite internet service provides a reliable means for customers seeking to connect to the Web.

Available, Where DSL Is Not

The primary benefit of satellite internet is having access to a network that is “always on”, meaning that if there is an interruption in your standard telephone service, your satellite connection will remain unaffected. This allows you to continue to stay in touch with friends and family, reach emergency contacts, place calls, and remain connected to the world, where as, if your DSL connection is interrupted, you will lose all service. Cellphone coverage may possibly be available in your area, but it is also limited by many of the same regional shortages as broadband.

Satisfying the Need for Speed

Satellite internet data speeds are comparable to standard cable modems, Subscribers are able to watch streaming television and movie services, but be sure to contact your internet provider as to what your allowable monthly data limit is. Your limit can affect connection speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle if you use more than the allotted bandwidth allocated to your plan.

Distance Doesn’t Have to Be a Nuisance

While distances may be a limiting factor in the availability of your internet options, satellite internet is broadcast 20,000 miles through space by satellites fixed in a stationary, or geosynchronous, orbit around the Earth. Data is beamed directly to a dish and receiver located on your property. The satellite will always remain in the same patch of sky relative to your home, allowing for fewer disrupted connections. Standard DSL and cable modems rely on lines suspended between utility poles, which are vulnerable to becoming severed by falling tree branches, the weight of ice and snow, wind gusts, and other frequent weather hazards.

Providers in Your Area

On of the most recognizable providers of satellite internet is HughesNet, which currently services over 1,000,000 customers. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the company was founded in the 1980’s and is a leading innovator, having launched the first dedicated internet-transmitting satellite and responding to the demand for reliable and fast internet, no matter the location. HughesNet continues to grow and adapt to the market. The company has launched its fourth-generation of digital broadband service, and is constantly expanding it’s capacity to reach new customers.

Always Connected

While living in a rural area can present its own unique challenges, having reliable and affordable internet available in your home is no longer a concern. Subscribing to a satellite internet service can bring the benefits of modern high speed internet to your home, no matter where you live.