Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and if it also happens to be the smallest, space becomes a precious commodity. Every square inch of floor space is coveted, as you try to fit in all the necessary pieces of equipment that modern living requires, leaving you wondering how you are going to manage. Well, fear not, here are some ideas to help squeeze that round peg into a square hole.

Good storage

Essential in any kitchen, but even more so in one that you can only just swing a cat in, and it calls for shelves. Lots of shelves. Any recess at all should have a small shelf set put in, and hang whatever you can on the walls. Upper wall cabinets can certainly be used, and try to make as much use of any wall space as you can.


Kitchen appliances will have to be limited to the cooker, fridge, and microwave, and they would all have to find their way into the equation somehow, while the luxury of a dishwasher and kitchen table will have to be forsaken. If you are redesigning your home and are looking at Surrey kitchens, there are reputable online room renovators that will be happy to assist you,


Size matters

It does in the kitchen anyway, and however frustrating it might be, one has to accept the space one has. In a small kitchen, custom made furniture is the best solution, as exact measurements will allow for so much more in terms of space utilisation.

Keep items down to a minimum, and if there is a store room nearby, utilise that with the kitchen in mind. Arranging a small kitchen might limit you, design wise, but with some careful planning, you can get an awful lot into a small area.