Do you love to stay cozy no matter what? Summer is when the layers come off. It’s for long days at the beach or by the lake. But not everyone is comfortable stripping off the layers and spreading out in a heat wave. When the warm summer days roll in and you can’t seem to find any way to cool down, the last thing you want to do is bundle up. But for those who just can’t get comfortable without snuggling up under a blanket or a quilt on the couch, or who could absolutely never get to sleep without being under the covers, summer can be a real chore.

Quilts can be an excellent way to keep the covers on in the summer without overheating. For those of you who absolutely need to be under the blankets to fall asleep, but can’t stand those hot summer nights, you need quilts for your bed that will be light and airy.

The first quality to look for is the filling. There are four common fillings you’re likely to find in any quilt:

  • Feather and Down
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Synthetics

Natural fillings (the first three on this list) are light and soft. They let your skin breathe, which is exactly what you need to stay cool under the covers in the summer. However, if you’ve got allergies, synthetic is the way to go.

Down and feather is made for winter nights. It traps in body heat and keeps you warm when the snow is falling. If you want a summer quilt that will keep you cool despite the heat, wool is the filling for you. Wool adjusts to the body’s temperature meaning it works under either temperature extremes, hot or cold. Wool is also a very durable material and it can absorb moisture like sweat, helping to keep you cool.

Cotton is also a great choice for summer quilts. It’s lighter than wool and it’s more breathable than polyester. A 280-gsm fill is a great choice for summertime bedding, or just for curling up on the couch. It’s a natural fiber that’s also easy to throw in the laundry without wearing it down too much, unlike down.

Synthetic quilts are more affordable and great if you suffer from allergies. They come in polyester, microfiber, and silicone coated fibers.

Light-weight blankets and quilts are the first step in keeping cozy in the summer, but there are also a number of other home design tricks you can use to keep your home hygge even in the warm months. You can also use flowers, throws, candles, and summery scents to feel cozy in your home when the thermostat starts to rise.

You don’t have to give up getting cozy under a quilt on the couch or in bed just because the thermostat is pushing higher and higher. Beat the heat and still sleep soundly this summer with the right quilt and a warm, inviting home.