Nothing lasts for ever, and if your original hot tub steps are looking past their best, then from a safety point of view it’s probably the right time to replace them. Steps that have begun to deteriorate are not worth hanging on to and you’d be better off taking a look at one of the modern day replacements on offer. Risking an accident on wobbly, rickety steps is just not worth it.

Hot Tub Or Spa

The type of steps you choose really depends on the shape of your hot tub or spa. Not all models are suitable for curved hot tubs so make sure you are looking at the correct steps for your hot tub. If however your hot tub is a more standard design then this will not apply.

A good versatile set of steps suitable for either square or round hot tubs or spas would be the Dura Step, available in a range of colours to either co-ordinate or contrast with your particular hot tub. The steps lock together in seconds and feature a large slip resistant tread to keep you and your family safe.

keep you and your

Another even more versatile option would be the SmartStep. Again this model is suitable for both round and square hot tubs but comes with the added option of a Smart Drawer which fits to the underneath surface of either or both steps. Ideal for storing bits and bobs such as chemicals and other essentials out of sight.

If you are the owner of one of the larger swim spas then you’ll need to look at different options. As a swim spa is much taller than an average hot tub, you’ll need a larger set of steps. Swim Spa Steps usually come with a handrail or two which makes them safer when climbing in to a larger spa

climbing in to a larger spa