In current day world, the call for a phone which has a touchscreen is apparent. The new sony Ericsson Idou is a such phone that’s ideal for the altering needs. It’s technologically quite strong and also the customers who’re tech savvy would find just about all options that come with The new sony Ericsson Idou within their favour.

This is actually the description of their outstanding features:

The phone looks elegant in black colour casing which has dimensions calculating 15mm by 54mm by 111mm. it’s a compact phone which may be easily transported.

Its strong technologies are apparent within the strong memory support it provides. Like every other phone of current day, Idou also offers a memory slot to ensure that the consumer can expand their existing memory to get together their needs and requires.

Screen is really a high reason for the cell phone which aside from being touch sensitive in character, when measured offers 3.5 inches lcd screen to be able to enjoy viewing photographs and graphics. The 16 million colors offering screen offers rich in screen resolution. Touch controls work wonderfully and also the screen is extremely attentive to add-on the results.

This multimedia wealthy phone posseses an exciting very good music player which assists all key formats if music. Also, one will discover amazing volume controls, A2DP adaptor for Bluetooth stereo system or even a RDS Radio.

Next outstanding multimedia feature may be the camera which with 12.1 mega pixels capacity. Zoom, auto-focus, expensive and smile and face recognition features allows the customers to savor better of both mobile phone industry’s, i.e., still button snaps in addition to video footages which may be later performed around the video player.

The new sony Ericsson Idou’s wealthy technology could be observed in its data features including 3rd generation HSDPA technology, Bluetooth, Edge technology, USB port, WAP internet browser and Wi-fi compatability WLAN technologies. Also, A Gps navigation feature on The new sony Ericsson Idou is yet another interesting feature that provides the very best of plan to the customers.

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