What Makes Tankless Water Heaters Better than Storage Tank Water Heaters

The era of technology has offered us with various equipments and gadgets. These equipments have been designed to make your lives comfortable. Some time back, equipments such as air conditioners and heaters were not available with the people. As a result, people had to survive the blistering cold and scorching heat of winter and summer seasons respectively. However, the developments in the area of technology offered us with the state of the art air conditioners and heaters for controlled climatisation GNRcorbus.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

History of Storage Tank Water Heaters

Heater is the most neglected appliance in home. They are usually kept in some corner of the store or garage. We do not pay much attention to it until it cracks. Water heater has been around in its present form for a long time. Since its invention, the heater has not changed much. The equipment comprises approximately 40 or more gallon cylindrical container along with a gas burner or at times an electric element. The water heater heats the water in a slow manner, but keeps it hot at all times.

The burner in the water heater comprises a pilot light. It burns gas at all times. However, the main burner comes occasionally into action to heat the water again. That goes on regular basis despite the water being used or not. The water loses its heat due to the surrounding and has to be heated again. The latest tank water heaters come with better insulation than before. The better insulation would decrease the standby heat loss, but would lose heat and the water has to be heated again. In the era, where energy has become expensive and chances are it would enhance further, heating the water again would be total waste of both energy and money. In addition, it would burden the environment with global warming and climatic changes.

Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank water heater leaks could be expensive

The tank water heaters have water leakage issues. The leakage happens for a longer duration without being noticed by anyone. Most water heaters are kept unnoticed in the store or garage. As a result, the leakage would not be known by anyone. The water damage would be catastrophic to the home and surroundings. Moreover, precious water and energy would be wasted for a considerable period. It is common to experience water damage to sub floors and other structures of the home. Consequently, repairs turn out to be a costly affair when water leakage is not detected earlier.

tank water heater leaks

Tankless Water Heaters Saves Energy

On the contrary, the tankless water heater does not make use of energy when hot water is not required. As a result, there is no standby heat loss. You would be able to enjoy endless showers without worrying about saving water for the next person to take hot water shower. A normal shower would consume approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute. A medium sized tank would supply around 6 to 7 gallons of hot water in a minute. As a result, two people could enjoy hot water bath simultaneously and would be able to save enough water for kitchen chores and washing machine. The tankless water heaters are the upgraded technology designed to make your life comfortable.

Heaters Saves Energy