We have all been there we are in the middle of doing something and our home appliances have let us down. Halfway through blitzing up your morning smoothie your blender just stops or your iron lets you down halfway through ironing your work shirt.

Small Appliance Breaks

It is annoying to say the least, and often more than a little bit inconvenient. However, sometimes one of the following tricks will sort things out, at least long enough to let you complete your task.

Check the power supply

The first thing to do is to check that the problem is not with your electricity. Sometimes a fuse will trip. If all is well in the fuse box, try plugging your appliance into another plug.

power supply

Check the fuse

If you are using an old appliance there may be a fuse built into the plug. Unplug the device and replace the fuse.

Allow your appliance to cool down

Sometimes the issue occurs because your appliance has overheated. For this reason, letting it cool down completely can be enough to get the device working again.

Follow the troubleshooting guide in your manual

If these simple steps do not work try following the guidance outlined in the troubleshooting guide. In most manuals, there is a troubleshooting page towards the back.

Small Appliance Breaks

Go online

You can also go online and see if you can find a solution. People often ask for help with solving problems with their appliances via the internet. Occasionally, you will find something that works using the answers from forum members.

Send it for repair

If none of the above works, the best approach is to get a repair quote from repairitreuseit.com and send it to them for repair. They repair most small appliances and cover the whole of the UK.